Police Harass Peace Campaigners on behalf of group armed with Nuclear Weapons

Police Scotland has been accused of harassment after an incident on Saturday where they stopped the Scottish CND Assistant Coordinator Veronika Tudhope. Despite having a clean driving record Tudhope, the Green Candidate for West of Scotland, was told she was being stopped for “erratic driving” while following the Ministry of Defence’s Convoy of Nuclear Weapon.

SNP MSP Bill Kidd, the Co-convenor of Holyrood’s cross party group for nuclear disarming, will be writing a letter to Police Scotland regarding the incident. Bill Kidd will ask Police Scotland to stop the “Unwarranted Practice” against peace campaigners, which is a waste of police time. It is believed that Police Scotland were “tipped off” by the MOD about the peace campaigners.

The Coordinator of the Scottish CND, John Ainslie was also in the vehicle with Tudhope when they were stopped. He said: “We saw the civilian police go up to the convoy and actually speak to them.

“We think that was the convoy asking them, but we can’t say for sure, they said they had received a report but wouldn’t acknowledge it was from the convoy.”

Last year Scottish Labour changed its position on Trident after a vote on the issue at its October conference in Perth. This means that the SNP, the Greens and now Labour are all against the weapons, together the parties make up more than 80% of the seats in the current Scottish Parliament. A strong majority of MSPs are opposed to the nuclear weapons, which regularly travel on roads in Scotland.

Ainslie said: “The Scottish Parliament has got a stronger position then ever in Opposition to Trident.

“At the end of the day Scottish police come under the Scottish Parliament yet they are being used to implement something that is against Scottish Parliament Policy.”

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