Is Donald Trump a fictional character?

You may have heard that full-time Islamophobe and Wall enthusiast Donald Trump is running to be president of the Gunited States of Gunland. However is it actually possible for his existence to be implemented. Despite the Congress being a Republican Majority, this wouldn’t necessarily mean that the other republicans would vote to go along with his mad plots, they’re views aside they aren’t all stupid and they don’t like paying tax, so its unlikely that they would be willing to raise taxes because an amateur golfer wants a really big wall. There is no party whip type system in Gunland.

Trumps only choice would be to use executive orders to implement his “policies” with out going through congress, Bill Clinton used 364 of these as president, Bush 291 Obama 242. However Franklin D. Roosevelt used almost 4,000 but that was because of the war, there was also a spike in the number that Bush used in the aftermath of that terrorist attack that he totally had absolutely nothing to do with. However if the wig modelling candidate did use these executive orders frivolously congress could tell him: “You’re Fired” and have him impeached.

There is obviously a high chance that he could become president but recent polls do show that he is still behind the Democratic Party’s Presidential Candidate Monica Lewinsky.


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