Brexit Supporters now calling for Scotland’s Exit.

  • Brexit voters unhappy with FM Sturgeon’s talks with European Union.
  • Scottish Independence supporters respond by “daring” UK to throw them out of the Union.

On Twitter #ThrowScotlandOut started trending after twitter user “DM reporter” posted a montage of comments from the Daily Mail’s website where readers were calling for Scotland to be thrown out of the UK. The comments featured in the montage with the tweet saying “YOUR COMMENTS: Mail readers want Scotland ejected from the UK because Nicola Sturgeon asked for a Brexit strategy…”

A frustrated Nicola Sturgeon said yesterday: “I don’t know anymore about the UK Government’s negotiations than I did before I went into the meeting”

Nicola Sturgeon has also been in talks with other member states of the EU recently, which seems to have upset supporters of Brexit, who would rather Scotland left the UK.



English Referendum

A petition on the website 38 degrees has been calling for an English Referendum on Scotland’s membership on the United Kingdom. The petition has already received over 6,000 signatures of it 7,000 signature goal. The petition says “A lot of debate has been happening in Scotland about the benefits of the Union to them, but none has been had south of the border about whether they contribute enough to the union” .

Hashtag Backfires

As a result of this hashtag trending many Supporters of Scottish Independence have taken to twitter and adopted the hashtag as there own, some of whom have been daring the rest of the UK to kick them out. However many other Scottish Independence supporters have been turning the whole situation into a meme.


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