Frack the World – What’s the Risk?

Scotland is known throughout the world for its beautiful scenery but this is under threat if fracking is allowed to happen.


There is currently a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing is a process where rock is fractured by a high-pressure injection of liquid, usually water containing sand, to create cracks in deep rock formations through which natural gas and petroleum will flow freely. This process usually referred to as fracking. Although this process can be very profitable for those involved the effects it can have on the environment are disastrous.

Some of these negative effects include but are not limited to the contamination of groundwater, risk of gas explosion, increased chance of earthquakes and the near by infrastructure becoming degraded, and because of these risk many groups with on the Scottish Parliament wish to prevent it from taking place in Scotland. However fracking already takes place south of the border.

There are currently around 200 onshore fracking wells in the United Kingdom. In 2011 test fracking in Lancaster was stopped after it caused seismic activity. Tremors came as a result of the fracking taking place in England. Fracking has been responsible for earthquakes other parts of the world as well such as Oklahoma. Oklahoma used to have around 2 mild tremors a year, however after fracking begun there in 2009 this became around 2 a day, later rising to 5 a day 2015.

There is also the a fear that the water supply may also be effected as a result of Fracking. Eight million gallons of water are used in the fracking process and forty thousand gallons of water are used per frack. The water from this will have to be stored sometimes it will be stored in the open, which furthers the risk of polluting the surrounding area.

Methane gas escaping from the fracking wells contributes towards global warming. Methane gas traps more heat in there earths atmosphere than carbon dioxide. So the fracking process its self actually causes more damage to the climate than cars using the petrol do.

These aren’t just the risks of things that might happen from fracking, many of these will definitely  will happen if fracking goes ahead in Scotland. Fracking clearly causes a lot of damage to the environment. Fracking is unconventional but its still a fossil fuel it causes more trouble than its worth, it should be banned permanently. Renewable energy is the only way forward.

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