Top 10 Positive Things Barack Obama Will Be Remembered For

Barack Obama’s 2nd (and Last) term is coming to an end and the Trump era is beginning. Barack Obama’s time in the Oval Office is almost over here are some of the Positive things he will go down in history for.

  1. Becoming the First Black President. before he even done anything simply becoming president of the United States less than 50 years after the civil rights movement is a huge achievement and one he will be remembered for. Being the First African American President and serving 2 terms in a country where racial tension still runs high today.barackobamaportrait
  2. Getting Obamacare through and making healthcare accessable and more affordable for uninsured Americans. 7029981403_52dc523d79_b.jpg
  3. Killing Osama Bin Laden – Just under a decade after the September Eleventh attacks, Commander in Chief Barack Obama played a huge role in leading the operation that killed the Al Qaeda leader.obama_and_biden_await_updates_on_bin_laden
  4. Re-establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba. Barack Obama is the First President to visit Cuba since before the Cuban Revolution. The United States no longer considers Cuba to be a terrorist state, and US Citizens can now travel to and from Cuba more freely.Press conference, Havana
  5. Withdrawing troops from Iraq. Barack Obama withdrew all US troops from Iraq although this did take longer than he originally claimed it would.Iraq_war_protest_jan27c.jpg
  6. Increased veteran support –  More veterans in the United States received Health Care during Obama’s presidency than ever before.6336354538_9b500a6537_b.jpg
  7. Giving the FDA tobacco power. In 2009 Barack Obama gave the Food and Drug Administration power over tobacco products such as cigarettes. fda-approved-logo
  8. Reducing defence spending – Over all defence spending has decreased during Obama’s time in office.us_army_africa_0005
  9. Expanding Hate Crime Prevention – Barack Obama expanded hate crime laws so that they would cover more groups of people.1024px-dont_hate_communicate_-_save_auslan_tafe_diploma_course_protest
  10. Avoiding Scandal – Barrack Obama was President of the United States for two full terms and didn’t have any scandals.bill_clinton_may_14_2009-1_by_jake_wellington

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