Trump has Launched a Kickstarter to Fund Border Wall

The President of the United States Donald J. Trump is attempting to fund his campaign promise of a 45ft wall across the entire length of the US-Mexican Boarder. President Trump’s initial plan was to have Mexico pay for the wall however this has since fallen through, Mexico’s President Pena Nieto made it clear last week when he said that Mexico “will not pay for a Wall.”

After this slight hiccup however Trump and his team of advisors are confident that they have found a final solution. They have officially launched a Kickstarter in order to Crowd-fund the Wall.


The Kickstarter page lists “Making America Great Again” as a Reward for Backers who pledge even just $1. However it looks like Trump’s project is off to a rocky start as so far only $34.50 has been pledged of his $25 Billion Goal.

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