The Whole of Greater Glasgow is Likely to Change in 2017

Glasgow City Council which is under Labour’s control borders 6 other council areas, many of which include Glasgow’s suburbs. Labour received the most votes in all of these councils during the 2012 election, however out of these councils Labour only has a majority in 3 of them.

Labour has the most seats in East Dumbartonshire Council, but they do not have a majority so do not have over all control, in East Dumbartonshire Labour works very closely with both the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives in order to get things done. East Renfrewshire Council is a similar situation to East Dumbartonshire. In East Renfrewshire Labour again have  the most seats but not yet a majority they have to work alongside the Scottish National Party as well as two independent candidates, the conservative party are their official opposition.

In South Lanarkshire Council Labour again do not have a Majority but in this case they form a Minority Council.

In West Dumbartonshire however Labour have twice as many councillors as there biggest opposition, the SNP. However the situation here could be changing a lot at the next election as the West Dumbartonshire Council area was one of the 4 council areas in Scotland where a Yes vote was the majority in 2014.

Renfrewshire Council had been run by a Scottish National Party and Liberal Democrat coalition between 2007 and 2012, but Labour took back it back in the 2012 Local Election and formed a majority council.

North Lanarkshire Council, Labour currently hold 40 of North Lankashires 70 seats giving them a majority. Their Biggest opposition there is also the Scottish National Party who have 22 seats. again North Lanarkshire also had a majority Yes vote in 2012, so this could also indicate a change in who will hold the power here after the 2017 local elections.

Labour have had control over Glasgow City Council since 1980, but this may not be the case after the 2017 local elections. In order for Labour to hold onto their control they may need to form a  coalition with another party the same way they do in East Dumbartonshire or East Renfrewshire Council. This would only be possible for them if the SNP do not manage to get the Majority of seats in Glasgow City Council. This will all be greatly effect by voter turn out, which has often been low for council elections.

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