The Replicator is Paul Wardropping a New Project

Paul Wardrop also known as Replicator is releasing a new 13 track album titled “13 Million Minutes Old”. The album will be released through Girobabies frontman Mark McGee’s label – Traffic Cone Records. Replicator is a member of the Hip Hop collective Futurology, a group which has released several projects together as well as gigging regularly through out the city and even organising their own events.

The Replicator – photograph by Alex Docherty

On top of the Futurology projects Replicator has also released two solo EPs (Hypnagogia and Catch 22) and one solo album (WeirdAnarchy). His new album will be his first solo album since 2012, which wasn’t long after he started rapping. Replicator said: “I was in a band for a while and I already wrote politically themed lyrics, but it sort of outgrew the medium, I needed more words, I needed to fit more words in because I didn’t feel like I was getting the point across well enough, and Hip Hop was ideal for that. Whereas other forms of music you can’t really get away with squeezing an entire essay about colonialism into a track.”

Although this will only be his forth solo project available to the public he has written and recorded much more. Replicator said: “In terms of how much material I have and how much actually goes online there is a big big gulf, a significant amount thats not online is recorded. My own perfectionism can be a bit of a problem at times”

Replicator founded Extra Second Events alongside fellow Futurology member Johnny Cyper. Extra Second put on monthly events at the Blue Chair and Cafe Fika. at which Replicator regularly performs his material and continues to develop his stage presence. Replicator said: “Most of my influences come from people in this city, such as Louie, Loki, MOG, Glesgadelic and Jackal Trades. Just generally all the people you meet in this city that are doing Hip Hop”

Replicator’s new album is packed with political lyrics covering important topics such as climate change. The first song we will hear from this much anticipated project will be Dirt” produced by David Montgomery a long time collaborator with the group. His first ever music video has been filmed entirely within his flat in Springburn, however Replicator is new to this part of Glasgow, and grew up in a very different part of the city, Replicator said: “I’m from Bearsden, I lived most of my life in Bearsden – I’m a middle class rapper. I am upfront about that, my parents were both working class, they just work their whole lives to get there, but whenever I’m asked I identify as middle class. I know what its like to be skint but I don’t know what its like to be working class”


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