Elements: A Hip Hop Event for the Whole Community

Johnny Cypher and Ròisin Caird have combined forces to put on a new event that will bring together every element of Hip Hop. Elements will take place at 1pm on Thursday 21st December at Kinning Park Complex. A family friendly event aimed at all ages and abilities, elements will let participants learn new skills in everything from live performance to graffiti art, and from breakdancing to music production. The event aims to bring together a variety of community groups sharing ideas and skills and later in the day transform its self into a live gig. Cypher said: “I’m working with breakdancers, graffiti artists and a bunch of community groups that are setting up stalls – I have never done that before, I know how to do the gig bit, thats the second part of the thing. But the first part is totally uncharted territory for me.”

Cypher and Caird have both been putting on wide range their own events separately until this point. This FREE event aims to bring all the elements of Hip Hop together under one roof. Cypher said: “Elements is trying to get every single element of Hip Hop, thats what we are trying to do so it isn’t just a rap night, it’s not a night where you’re just rappers, we want to start to develop a night that will grow into a something that will accommodates; b-boying, breaking dancing, beatboxing, graffiti art, and most importantly… community work. Being involved with the bringing people together aspect of hip hop, thats what we are trying to encourage.”

Marianne Vosloo, who will be delivering a graffiti workshop and performing live.

As well as having a variety of free Hip Hop-oriented workhops, from 4pm to 6pm there will be “kitchen table” style discussions for community and activist groups and anybody else interested in being involved. Card said: “Its about skill sharing and teaching people new things they might not have been able to learn before, and bringing new skills into the community. Also its about activism and getting activist and community groups together – sort of bringing all of these things together in a community environment, getting people talking to each other and building things.”

Some of the groups set to be involved in this discussions include GAG, Unity Sisters, Better than Zero, Citizens Basic Income Network, Quarriers, Broken Glass Productions, Livingroom lectures, AntiCapitalist Queers, WestGAP, The Yellow Movement, Extra Second Events and Clear Roots. Cypher said: “We are going to have different tables all lined up for different genres of activism. We have things from the LGBTQ community, local agriculture, we have groups fighting zero hours contracts, we have radical art groups, a bunch of other kinds of people, then we are going to try and get all of the active individuals, organisations or groups to come along and talk for a little bit amongst everybody about what they are up to, what they need help with, what their current campaign is, and its just a way for us all to get on the same page”

The event will take place in the Kinning Park Complex, an independent multi-use community centre, which has been run by the community since 1996. Caird said: “Glasgow is a city with an incredible cultural heritage, an incredible artistic heritage and an incredible incredible activist heritage. If we can get all of those things together as part of a regular events. Get people together, talking about things and carrying that on into wider actions, I think that is something that will be really important and really good for our community, especially doing it in a community centre. I think it will be great if we get a lot of people, especially young people in the area along, to learn some new skills, and maybe try somethings that they haven’t tried before. I think that having those sorts of projects especially in areas like Govan, Ibrox and Cessnock is really important cause a lot of people might not have those sorts of opportunities. So its really important that we have community workshops and community skill shares like this, so that people get those opportunities to learn those skills, and start thinking ‘oh maybe thats something that i could learn to do.’ So I’m really looking forward to that part but also the performances, we have got so many great acts lined up, I’m really excited.”

Glasgow’s “Incredible incredible activist heritage” –  A tank and soldiers in George Square, ordered there by the UK Government in fear of a Socialist Revolution in 1919.

Kinning Park Compex will even be providing a community meal before the gig section of the event begins. The line up includes Empress, Honey Farm Kitty Got Claws, Rana Marathon and Sev Ka. There will also be a live freestyle cypher hosted by Psycordelia, Nyx and Natasha Newman.

Edinburgh-based Hip Hop group – Honey Farm, who will be performing at Elements.

Although this is a completely free event for everyone, there will also be the opportunity for anyone attending to donate some money to go towards helping pay each of the artist putting on workshops or performing live. Cypher said: “The event has been financed from my own wages and from Ròisin’s wages, we are putting our own money into this, we haven’t went down the funding route or anything yet. I want to prove that we can do it first, then maybe start looking into that but at the moment we have just been running poetry nights and music nights to raise funds and letting those attending know that its all going towards workshops that are going to be provided free for the community .”

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